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Portland Daybreak, Cityscape, Mt. Hood


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Location:Portland, Oregon
Shoot Date:03/02/2002
High Resolution File Size:2160x1440 pixels, 300DPI up to 7.20" x 4.80"
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Mt. Hood: Mt. Hood, in the Cascade Mountain range, was named after British Admiral Samuel Hood in 1792. Aside from being a popular skiing destination an hour from Portland and an eye-catching backdrop in the Portland skyline, Mt. Hood is in fact an active volcano, as all of the major peaks of the Cascades are. Of course, Hood's sister to the north, Mt. St. Helens, had its most recent major eruption in 1980. Geologists monitor all the cascades including Mt. Hood for volcanic activity. Someday, maybe not in our lifetimes, Mt. Hood will erupt again, but who knows when?

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Shoot 'Portland Daybreak Cityscape MtHood' (Shot on 03/02/2002)

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